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Genmega is proud to announce the new NOVA retail ATM. With a world of new services, new functions, and new revenue generating opportunities, the NOVA stands ready to redefine the retail ATM. With a high definition 17 inch touch screen, the NOVA allows full motion video on the top half of the screen while running the ATM program on the bottom half, creating a new generation of retail ATMs.

Created with tried and tested components of the existing Genmega retail ATMs, the NOVA does NOT mean you need to stock additional parts. So now, you can take advantage of the new opportunities, without the hassle of a totally new machine. With the same UL-291 certified vault of the G2500 and Onyx, the NOVA has the same security features that have been available in Genmega ATMs for years. Let the NOVA help you take advantage of new opportunities without adding new issues.

With Edge Lighting around the Cash Dispensing Unit (CDU) and the Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP), combined with the large screen running full motion video, the NOVA is the future of retail ATMs. With an eye on Near Field Communications, Recyclers, and future components, the NOVA will be the new standard in retail ATMs. Without needing a digital topper to advertise, a new line of revenue is available without a new capital expense. Make the money, save the headache and step into the future with a NOVA ATM.


  • High-Res 17″ touch screen LCD panel
  • LED Back-light
  • 1920 x 1080 full resolution
  • 1024 x 768 for video advertising


  • 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer
  • 40 Characters per line
  • 200 DPI mono-graphic printing

PIN Entry Device

  • 16-key alphanumeric keypad
  • PCI Certified
  • Triple-DES (TDES) compliant EPP

 Dimensions & Weight

  • Height = 60.5”
  • Width = 15.75”
  • Depth = 22”
  • Weight = 250 lbs. (With 2K dispenser)


  • Voice Guidance
  • Lighted Transaction Guidance
  • Accessible Keypad Layout


  • UL291 Business Hours Vault
  • Electronic lock
  • Kaba Mas Cencon Series Lock
  • Level 1 Vault (Optional)


  • TCP/IP Ethernet connection (Onboard SSL)

Card Reader

  • EMV (Dip type)

Cash Dispenser

  • Up to 4 x 2000 Notes Removable Cassette

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