Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main reasons I could benefit from owning or leasing an atm?
  • Allows your customers access to their available cash from their debit, bank and credit cards.
  • Keeps your customers in-house so they don’t leave your location to get cash from a different ATM nearby.
  • Increases retail sales by up to 50% of the amount withdrawn from your ATM.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to accept checks.
  • Reduces credit card usage and credit card fees and expenses.
  • Generates store traffic from walk by traffic.
  • Increases your customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Best of all; receive surcharge revenue for every transaction.
How much is the Surcharge?

The ATM owner sets the amount of the surcharge.

Do I have to affiliate my ATM with a local bank?

No, most stand alone ATMs are not affiliated with local banks

Where do I get the money to fill the ATM?

If you are the owner of the ATM you will be filling the machine with your own money.

How often are ATMs stolen?

Although ATM theft often makes the news they actually happen extremely rarely. Statistics from NATIONAL FEDERAL ATM SURVEYS and the ATM insurance agency indicate a theft rate of 20 – 25 machines per year. With over 1.2 million machines in operation nationwide, the odds of getting your machine stolen are similar to winning the lottery.

How do I load my ATM?

Once your ATM is installed – you will be trained on the procedure of loading cash into your new ATM machine. Your money will be re-deposited back into the bank account of your choice on a daily basis as customers withdraw cash from your ATM. During the regular work week, your cash will be re-deposited back into your account within 24 hours from the time it was withdrawn from the ATM. All weekend transactions which include Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will be deposited the following Tuesday.

My company accepts credit cards – Is it still worthwhile to place an ATM Machine?

Absolutely! This will not only put available cash in the hands of your customers, but it will also help save you money on your credit card processing fees.

What kinds of reporting tools do you offer?

We offer real-time online transaction statistics. You can also download the mobile app on your smart phone and monitor your ATM from anywhere.

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